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Встречайте Winter CMS


Rebirth as Winter CMS

As a result of these dramatic structural changes of the project that we rely upon to run our businesses, former October CMS maintainers Luke Towers, Ben Thomson and Marc Jauvin wish to announce the formation of the Winter CMS project, a community-driven fork of October CMS with a dedication to speed, security, stability, and simplicity. Along with Jack Wilkinson, we aim to continue to deliver a professional and feature-rich platform that you can rely upon for your websites and applications; as well as engage with the community and become a more community-driven project overall.

Winter CMS is a fork of October CMS as of v1.1.2 / v1.0.472, any of your October projects can be seamlessly migrated to use Winter instead as long as they are using a version of October prior to the dramatic changes recently introduced by the original founders.

For more information on the exact events that led to the decision to fork, you can view our announcement on GitHub.

Видимо, надо помигрировать. Название только какое-то безыскусное. Винтар ЦМС. Можно было бы назвать например Bleak Midwinter CMS, было бы гораздо круче.