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Эрик Картман — Not My Waterpark

Картман в последней серии очередного сезона "South Park" окончательно распелся.

Хорошая вышла песенка. Полный текст:

What has happened to this place?
I don't recognize it any more.
It used to be so fun and special.
What is life worth living for.
The dream is dead,
Our land is gone,
There's a hole in my heart.
And I can't go on.

There are too many minorities.
At my water park,
My water park.

This was our land, our dream,
and they've taken it all away.
They just keep coming and coming.
I tried to go and tell the police.
But even the authorities
are minorities.
At my water park.
At my water park.

There's no place for me to sit anymore.
And the lines just keep getting crazier.
There are Mexicans all around me,
The Lazy River has never been lazier.

It's a 40-minute wait to go down one slide
And the instructions in Spanish on the Zipline Ride.

Guarde sus brazos y piernas
dentro del paseo siempre.

Just do it in English!

There are too many minorities
Too many
At my water park.
Somebody do something.
Where did they all come from?
Why can't they leave this land alone?

And it's such a tragedy.
Feel a bit like dying.
We've been lookin' the other way too long.
We've got to change our priorities
And get all these minorities
Out of my water park.

Mexicans and Asians,
Black people.
I think I even saw
A Native American.
God, I'm asking please,
Get all of these minorities
out of my water park.
My water park.