Два с половиной мужика жгут

Вчерашняя (девятая) серия "Two and a Half Men" - очень смешная. Несколько цитат для коллекции.

О белье и девушках:
- Clean underwear?
- Cleanish.
- Not good enough. With underwear, there's no gray area.
- Don't worry, it's not gray.

О любви:
- I love you, Charlie.
- Well, you should. I'm being really sensitive and understanding and all that crap.

О домашнем аресте:
- You do realize that Jake just snuck out of the house.
- Well, he's grounded. How else is he gonna leave?

По ходу серии были моменты и смешнее. Продолжаю просмотр.