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Shit My Dad Says — в копилку

Пока ценность и очевидные достоинства (см. Местами смешно) новой комедии Shit My Dad Says обсуждаются и даже ставятся под сомнение, добавлю в копилку игры слов пару цитат:

* * *

I'm just dropping off your dry cleaning, and then I have to go. Here is your gray vest, your gray-ish vest, and your off-gray vest. You can wear them all to the gray pride parade.

* * *

— You know what? You just gave me your answer. I'm gonna find somewhere else to live.
— Well, look who just grew a pair.
— You're the one always telling me to fight for what I believe in.
— What are you blithering about? I'm talking to the pear tree. It just grew it's first pear.