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Свежая серия Two and a Half Men

"Два с половиной мужика" продолжают жечь. Еще пара цитат в коллекцию.

О свадебном танце: - It's just a couple of dance lessons so we don't look like idiots at our wedding.
- Hey, I have said yes to everything having to do with this stupid wedding, but this is too much.
- You think our wedding is stupid?
- If I have to dance, it is.
- You know what, just drop dead.
- Fine. I'll drop dead, and you can dance on my grave.

О воспитании: - How old do kids have to be before it's legal to punch them?
- Come on. You'd never hit Jake.
- That's exactly what I want you to tell Child Services.

Хорошо все-таки, что одна серия идет 20 минут. А то и лопнуть можно.