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Two contentious arguments are happening in parallel here: First, what does Garfield actually believe? And second: Is it acceptable to expel someone who hasn't violated the code of conduct, based on their beliefs?

Coming to a conclusion on either front is difficult. Garfield himself says that his participation in Gor is elaborate roleplay, and that the Gorean notion of female "slavery" depends on informed consent. Buytaert and others are suggesting that Garfield is misrepresenting his position--minimizing if not outright lying about it.

The deeper question about how much tolerance should be afforded to controversial views is one that has popped up multiple times in open-source communities. Brendan Eich was ousted from his job as CEO of Mozilla for being against gay marriage, and functional programming conference LambdaConf was excoriated for allowing Curtis Yarvin to present a technical talk despite his authorship of a pseudonymous blog widely regarded as racist.

This Developer's Sex Life Is Testing the Limits of Silicon Valley Tolerance

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